Mar 20 • 1HR 22M

Episode 3

Kit Kowalski and Edie Wyatt talk about the world of sex and gender from a gender-critical perspective, not just the culture war, but law, policy, activism, feminism and all the nonsense.

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Kit Kowalski
Welcome to the Dollhouse, where your hosts Edie and Kit explore gender-critical discourses from all possible angles. We’ll be bringing you news and views and conversations with apostates to the church of gender. Episodes out fortnightly.
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Welcome to the Dollhouse Episode 3 with Kit Kowalski and Edie Wyatt. We’re a bit like The Queen’s Speech, but Australian and with bosoms.

The Gender-verse

Let Women Speak Australia is going off right now

Pope Francis calls out Gender Ideology


Shumirun Nessa, a muslim comedienne has come under fire for criticising Jeffery Marsh. The muslim world are NOT on board with attacking women in this way.

Story on Al Jazeera English (now at 251k views) -

In the Mainstream…

Men Under 30!

Men under 30 are not supportive of women's rights, according to new research reported in The Telegraph

Between The Tweets

We have the libel battle between Julie Bindel (of The Lesbian Project) and Mr Billy Bragg (seemingly of every-bloody-where) -

From the Rainbow Files

  • Twenty10 (a service for homeless gay teens) is having an open day for 12-25 year olds without any sense of that being a safeguarding violation. Co-chairs for Twenty10 are Atari Metcalf (ACON board member) and Mon Schafter (ABCQueer Content Lead).

  • Twenty10, ACON and ACON's Pride in Diversity are all hiring. If you can spot a red flag from 10 paces, give them a call!

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