Mar 6 • 1HR 46M

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Episode 1

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Kit Kowalski
Edie Wyatt
Welcome to the Dollhouse, where your hosts Edie and Kit explore gender-critical discourses from all possible angles. We’ll be bringing you news and views and conversations with apostates to the church of gender. Episodes out fortnightly.
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Kit Kowalski and Edie Wyatt talk about the world of sex and gender from a gender-critical perspective, not just the culture war, but law, policy, activism, feminism and all the nonsense that is being force fed to citizens, students and workers.

Episode 1

In Episode 1 we stumble through what’s happening this week in GC Australia.

Ruby - Stalked and attacked by a trans activist in Melbourne

Tickle v Giggle

Moira Deeming

Louise Elliott

Between the Tweets

  • We talk about the cultural differences between the UK, USA and Australia

  • Sorry, Brits, we're not having it

Rainbow Files

Aunty in the Spotlight

Brett Gallard

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