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Episode 2

Episode 2

Kit Kowalski and Edie Wyatt talk about the world of sex and gender from a gender-critical perspective, not just the culture war, but law, policy, activism, feminism and all the nonsense.

Hello and welcome to Episode 2 of The Dollhouse. Who thought we'd make it this far?

Gender-verse News

Feminist Conference & Gathering in Brisbane

We met up for a feminist conference in Brisbane. Part of the conference was a public outdoor event where trans activists yelled over women trying to speak.

Kath Deves uses the opportunity to ask counter-protesters “what human rights don’t you have?”. Of course they had a cogent and compelling response.

Posie Touches Down

Kellie-Jay Keen has arrived in Sydney, despite an 11th hour bid to prevent her entering the country.

There has been some feminist push-back on the KJK visit, but no-one is owning up to it.

You can see the live-stream here:

Spanian turns (and turns)

Very manly social media influencer Spanian has turned… but in which direction? Spanian is an ex-con who now raps and produces fitness and lifestyle content, with 235k followers on Instagram. He’s now come out with a seemingly video comparing the decadent west with militaristic Chinese culture.

This points to a new market for individuals who can advise celebs and influencers on how to talk about gender in the media without going a Full-Lindsay.

Rainbow Files

Of course the World Pride March across the Sydney Harbour Bridge occurred last weekend. Participants carried a giant progress flag visible from above. Albo (Anthony Albanese, our PM) and Tanya Plibersek were there arm in arm with key trans activists who we know want to strip women and gay rights.

Teddy Cook (Director for Community Health at ACON) posing with Tanya Plibersek, Albo, ABC journalist Mon Schafter (from ABCQueer) and others.

Influence: Teddy Cook cuddling up to... Anthony Albanese (PM), Mon Schafter, Tanya Plibersek

There’s also a new video out talking about ACON’s finances - called Australia’s Stonewall Scam.

Unsure who’s made it, but they do a good job of reviewing the available data and putting it into context. Have a watch and hopefully they will do a part 2.

Aunty in the Spotlight

This is not new news, but from a new post by Vera Figner at Women’s Cooee. It’s entitled Want to catch up on iView? Better have a gender identity

Vera went to sign up for iView and was asked not for her gender or sex but her gender identity. Though, as she points out, not her location identity or her income identity or any other feelings that she might have over and above reality.


Kit mentioned Janice Raymond’s 1979 blockbuster The Transsexual Empire - read it for free here.

Edie plugged her review of Sex Dolls, Robots and Woman Hating: The Case for Resistance by Caitlin Roper. You can support Roper’s work by purchasing her book through Spinifex Press.

Our introductory song this week is BAD Girls by M.I.A

Find us elsewhere and join us next week!

Welcome to the Dollhouse
Welcome to the Dollhouse Podcast
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