The point that you make at the 1:01:39 mark needs very badly to be addressed. Why is it that women are the foot soldiers for this movement? Not only do they lend a tremendous hand in advocating for so-called transpeople to infringe on women's rights, but they also lead the charge in punishing women who dissent. Just like the case of Jasmine Sussex at the ABA, there is story after story of women driving away any woman who dares insinuate that a man isn't a woman. Could you imagine the NAACP kicking out a black member for saying that one can't just self-ID into a racial category? No other minority behaves the way some women are now behaving on an issue that is an existential threat. Dear Lord, please have someone explain to us: why are women so susceptible to this garbage, one whose harms to their interests are as plain as day?

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Women are the primary enforcers of behavioural standards of other women. Women can be savage in putting down any unacceptable behaviour.

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Dec 4, 2023·edited Dec 4, 2023

Agree, though it’s almost as if we should enlarge the scope of that first sentence to just: “Women are the primary enforcers of behavioural standards“. Any naif who reads about ancient cruelties perpetrated on children such as FGM, foot binding, infanticide etc, will be dismayed to discover how normal it was for a woman to wield the knife. In the modern age, we have gender ideology and, from the primary school to the HR department, it is women who are in the front lines foisting this nonsense on to the general population.

Someone once explained it by saying that women have a special role in society in transmitting culture. Good or bad, whatever the culture is, they transmit it. Now the culture is literally back to M/FGM and it is mothers who are walking children to the operating theatre.

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